O'Brien Farms - Quality local beef

Dan O'Brien is a fourth generation beef producer who grew up on a farm near Greely, Ontario. He believes that supporting family farms clearly benefits both the farmers and the consumers while also giving the cattle a better quality of life. 

"We are confident that the beef we are producing is of the highest possible quality. If it isn't good enough for my family, I won't sell it." ~Dan O'Brien

Our ground beef receives rave reviews from our loyal clients from the food service sector as well as individuals who keep coming back for “beef that tastes the way beef used to taste”.  A few years back the Ottawa Citizen ran an online contest for the Best Burger in Ottawa. Two of the top three establishments purchase ground beef from us. Check out the reviews on Hintonburger and Chez Lucien


  • The beef is from cattle born and raised in the Ottawa area. They are never fed antibiotics* and never receive growth stimulants.
  • Cattle have received routine health vaccinations to help with the prevention of bovine illnesses.
  • Purchasing locally produced beef helps to support our local families.

*Although it is not a frequent occurrence, If any of the animals become ill, they are examined by our Veterinarian and if an antibiotic is required it is administered accordingly.